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Smart911 protects over
31 million people nationwide.

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Image of entire family, you can add all members of your household to one Smart911 account

Smart911's lifesaving service has been recognized by thousands of trusted sources across the country,
is accredited by the Better Business Bureau, and secured by SSL and Norton.

How Smart911 Works

How It Works

When you sign up for Smart911, you create a secure Safety Profile
that will display on the call taker’s screen if you ever have to dial 9-1-1.
Image of mobile phone calling 9-1-1, showing how your Smart911 Profile will display to the call taker if you call 9-1-1

If you ever call 9-1-1,

the call taker can see the
emergency information you
want them to see.

Image of a first responder, showing how police, fire, or EMS will be able to respond faster with Smart911

Emergency Responders

can then use this key
information to help you
faster and more efficiently.

Your Safety Profile is Free, Private, and Secure.

Add as much or as little to your profile as you want. It’s up to you,
and your information will only be seen if you ever have to call 9-1-1.

People and Household Info

You can add key information about members of
your household that would help anyone you care
for in the event of an emergency, whether the call
is from the home or any mobile phone.

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Medical Info

No matter where you or your loved ones are, you
can always have peace of mind that responders
will know any critical medical condition and how
to help before they even arrive.

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Address and Location Info

Giving responders visual details on an emergency
location helps facilitate faster response, as does
information on access points like hidden
driveways or gate codes.

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Other Info

You can also add as much or as little information
about your vehicles, pets, service animals, along
with any special notes that you would want responders to know.

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